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WBMS in Forbes.com

Clare Elliott, 12th October 2016

David Jones, Waitrose Partnership Registrar called it a “brilliant marriage,” where the external team members from the WBMS Network supplied their expertise and the Waitrose team helped with what Jones calls “simple things like language“.

David Heron, WBMS Managing Partner comments below.

It was a fantastic accolade for WBMS and all of our team at Waitrose to be recognised with a full page article in Forbes magazine.

For some time, we have been developing our proposition to offer an alternative service to traditional management consulting firms, and this reference point validates our approach, at the highest level, in our biggest client.

Whilst we have iterated since launch, our core values have always been that the “power” of the network is significantly greater than either the WBMS brand, or the capabilities of one individual. Working together as a team, and leveraging all of our skills, enables us to add real value to our customers. This example, builds a strong case for involving interim managers and teams of interim managers in the delivery of end to end business transformation.

BUT, as David Jones comments, this marriage did not just happen. Many of the individuals hired into the project team were people we had known for many years; and many of these individuals had met together through our events. Whilst never our “implied” intention, these simulated environments have allowed us to observe “how people work together”, and to make judgements through our own experience on how different people can (or can’t) work together. Critical to this is developing an understanding of culture. Without this, it doesn’t matter how good the people are that we recommend to our clients; they have to “fit”. Clients recognise that they need help, but the solution should be “co-created”. A pre-defined solution, imposed on a client, creates the effect of mutual tissue rejection.

We are hugely proud of our work with Waitrose, but this is only the start. As organisations truly embrace the need for a flexible working structure, the role and need for interim teams is going to grow. Thank you to everyone involved in the Waitrose project. It has been great working together, and it really shows how much you can achieve, if you approach a situation with a spirit of openness and collaboration.

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