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WBMS: AI Survey Results

Clare Elliott, 13th November 2017

Thank you to all those in the network who responded to the AI Survey , please see the summary results below.

AI and automation are set to transform the world of work, and the pace of this technological development is happening so fast that many questions are being asked as to how this will all play out. What we do know is that it will involve significant change and transformation at many levels. To find out more, we recently canvassed the WBMS network to see how these questions are impacting business.

Interestingly, the majority of firms (three quarters) did not have someone allocated specifically to AI and the remit for this responsibility is being divided between the IT function and the Board. Nor do they have a go-to person when it comes to the latest thinking on AI and automation. In some cases, this gap was being filled by an external consultancy, but in the main this resources does not appear to exist.

The division was more equal when it comes to help on shaping strategy on both AI and automation with half of the firms surveyed reaching out for external consultancy support. Significantly, interims are being asked to contribute their strategic guidance on this issue and half of the WBMS consultants are actively helping their firms.

The primary goal for investment in AI and automation was to improve efficiency, followed by keeping up with the competition and cost savings. Perhaps unsurprisingly, lack of technical knowledge was seen as a stumbling block; but poor planning, unrealistic goals, the cost of implementation and failure to engage with key stakeholders were also mentioned as important factors when it comes to getting this right.

If you would like to discuss how WBMS can help your business move forward with AI or if you are a consultant who can help provide the AI answers please contact Stuart Jansze, WBMS Partner.


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