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‘Do Things Differently……’ – Sanjay Gohil

Clare Elliott, 7th February 2018

“Fulfilling the role I do people often open up and give you a ‘no holds barred’ insight into their business. Not the insight that sits in slide decks or on websites or even updates to The City but real time issues which need fixing.

It’s a really fascinating world where you see and feel the barriers that are blocking firms adapting to the pace of change that exists in today’s world of high customer demand and the relentless drive on cost. With so many businesses feeling the pinch of eroding margins and high customer expectations, the need for organisations to stay relevant and competitive across channels is more compelling than ever. It’s never been more evident that the fortunes of businesses can evaporate almost without warning. In the face of such challenges, most organisations spend their efforts purely focused on tampering with internal levers. It just doesn’t make sense.

Undoubtedly most Boards understand the need to change, they’ve studied the theory and will have been involved in directing and delivering change agendas. However, time and time again I meet with leaders who describe the journey as a step into the unknown and a nervous one at that. But senior teams must step up and do things differently, more efficiently and put the customer first. Key to this is getting Transformation agendas right.

The most inspiring people I meet are Transformation leaders – people who pick up the transformation challenge and work with organisations to identify, navigate and deliver difficult but essential and lasting change. They have a breadth of perspective, they challenge the assumptions, they offer insights into how things could be different – they are truly transformational and can help businesses enormously. I meet these people every day and I’m proud to work with them.”

Sanjay Gohil is a Partner at WBMS leading the Business Services, Private Equity and Board Practice.  He has an established base of Chairman, NED and Board level contacts whom he works closely with to ensure the successful delivery of business critical issues.

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