A community for Senior Women in Technology, Transformation and Change. 

SWITCH is strictly an invitation only group which aims to facilitate the exchange of professional views, in addition to providing a platform to seek advice and share opinions.  Workshops and events explore current thoughts and best practice on topics like impression management; navigating the political landscape; career management; work-life balance; and health and wellness.  Network members contribute to the development of the events programme ensuring topics are relevant and engaging.

The senior tiers of organisations can be quite isolating. By bringing together a diverse group of women from across disciplines, SWITCH shares ideas and support by offering different viewpoints and perspectives.

Our Recent Events

“Be passive about your personal brand at your peril. Don’t abdicate responsibility to a search engine!”

Sarah Greenaway & Sam Barber from PersonaMe challenged our members to think about their personal brand. As with any brand, our personal brand is the meaning and value that other people imbue in it so we have to take active responsibility to be clear about what we want other people to perceive.

“Think of a time when you felt invincible: when you felt really energised, your creative juices were flowing, work seemed effortless, you were up for any challenge, you loved your life and nothing seemed to phase you.”

We all have increased demands on our time with more stimuli and gadgets that turn us into information addicts undermining our ability to let our minds rest. Theresa Coligan from The Coaching Project  ran a SWITCH workshop to furnish us with tools and techniques to build underlying resilience, minimise unhealthy stress and maximise enjoyment of life and work.

SWITCH collaborates with Maggie Semple OBE on a regular basis.  An advocate for women and social justice, Maggie’s sense of creativity and fun is evident in her bespoke tailoring.  Members gather at the Semple atelier in Covent Garden to hear from Maggie about her philosophy, passions and insights and have the opportunity to look around the colourful atelier and can book a consultation for a made to measure, bespoke garment.  We are proud that there is a growing following of SWITCH members with Semple dresses and a new range in trouser suits.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for hosting Wednesday’s SWITCH event.  It was great to meet Theresa and I really enjoyed the session.  In fact I’ve applied the reframing lens about five times since then! Also nice to see familiar faces as well as meet some new people.”

Member Feedback

“Thank you very much for organizing the really insightful event on personal branding yesterday. I found it very thought provoking, even as a marketer! ”


If your role drives change or transformation and/or sits within the field of technology and you would like the opportunity to network with your peers, as well as attend high level workshops or more socially oriented events, feel free to get in touch. Please note that this is an invitation only network.


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