A community for Senior Women in Transformation and Change

SWITCH is strictly an invitation only group which aims to facilitate the exchange of business ideas, in addition to providing a platform to seek advice and share opinions. Typical workshops and events will look to explore the current thoughts and best practice on; impression management, navigating the political landscape, career management, employee engagement, work-life balance, health and wellness, and many more.

By having a diverse group of women in different industries, we can share ideas and support one another in what can be a solitary profession.

Our Most Recent Event

“You only have one chance to make a first impression.”

Never has there been a truer phrase for the career consultant whose first impression is often scrutinised more than the average permanent employee. Women in particular put more pressure on themselves to create the right first impression, which quite naturally poses the question, “what is the right impression to make?”.

Stephanie and Alison, both Executive Coaches have built a career on helping women navigate the corporate hierarchy through interpreting mixed messages from the Boardroom and creating a lasting impression.

WBMS held an interactive workshop taken directly from the award- winning Women in Leadership Programmes ran by Cranfield University.


“Really enjoyed the inaugural SWITCH event yesterday. Really high calibre presenters, fantastic opportunity to meet other senior women. Learnt a lot. Look forward to being part of this community.”

Member Feedback

“Fascinating session bringing senior women together. Striking how quickly the lessons of others resonated with the whole group. The female experience of the workplace is the same regardless of the role. Lots to learn from the presenters.”

sophie johnson


If you feel you are a senior consultant working within the transformation and change profession who would benefit from the opportunity to network with your peers, as well as attend high level workshops, feel free to get in touch. Please note that this is an invitation only network.

Email Sophie Johnson or Call her on 0207 621 3567.

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