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SWITCH – Senior Women in Transformation and Change

Clare Elliott, 17th October 2016

Sophie Johnson, Client Principal at Wilton & Bain, is the founder of SWITCH – Senior Women in Transformation and Change – the only networking group in the UK aimed specifically at women working in the transformation space.

Sophie, who has worked in the transformation and change space for the whole of her recruitment career, set up the invitation-only group to facilitate the exchange of business ideas and to provide a supportive forum in which women can seek advice, share ideas and support one another in Sophie says can often be “a solitary profession” – particularly for those working on an interim basis.

Although it was only launched in June 2016, more than 30 program and transformation directors from FTSE 250 businesses across all sectors are now involved with the group, and SWITCH is planning a regular calendar of workshops and events to explore the current thoughts and best practice on things like impression management, navigating the political landscape, career management, employee engagement, work-life balance, health and wellness, and many more.

In this podcast, Sophie explains what SWITCH is, why it was established, why women are particularly suited to working in transformation and change and what challenges they face.

You can find out more about SWITCH at wbmsglobal.com/switch/.

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