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Podcast: Crisis HR Management

Clare Elliott, 22nd January 2018

When a crisis engulfs an organisation, the human cost that it brings with it can be both real and very damaging. HR consultant and WBMS Associate, Carrie Birmingham, knows that all too well. As the former HR Director at News UK – the parent company for the Sun and News of the World – she found herself in the middle of the scandal that saw employees of the company accused of phone hacking and bribing public officials and led to the News of the World being closed down almost overnight in 2011 with the loss of well over 200 jobs.

In this podcast, WBMS Partner, Chloe Watts, talks to Carrie about Crisis HR and how organisations and individuals can mitigate the impact of a financial crisis, regulation breach, environmental disaster or other public scandal.

As she explains, the immense pressure leaders find themselves under in such situations can lead to internal mismanagement and poor communication that can be more damaging to a organisation’s reputation than the crisis itself – which is why practical ‘hands on’ support from external specialists can be so valuable. Equally, however, a crisis can be a catalyst for positive transformation – although it’s very unlikely to feel like it when you are in the middle of one….

‘Listen to the podcast here’

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