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Driving Change Conference

Clare Elliott, 17th October 2016

This year, WBMS hosted a lunchtime roundtable at the Driving Change Conference in London. WBMS Managing Partner, David Heron, discusses the highlights he took away from the day as a whole and what he learnt from the participants during the roundtable.

The annual Driving Change Conference in London is one of the key dates for the UK’s change management community. Among the participants were senior HR, People, OD and Change specialists from companies such as Barclays, Lloyds and Tesco banks, Standard Life Investments, Vodafone, First Group, DHL , Mars Foodservices, Roche, Stockport NHS Trust, the CAA, the Post Office, Tate Modern and TFL, to name but a few.

What the conference highlighted, David says, is that disparate organisations across every industry and sector – both private and public – face very similar challenges when it comes to change. The detail of their transformations may be very different, but the mindset behind it and the factors that determine whether this change will a success are common to all.

As one participant put it, “to achieve something you’ve never achieved before you have to be prepared to so something you’ve never done before.” While that seems obvious, it can prove to be an enormous challenge for management teams who are used to being operational rather than transformational. Running a business demands a very different skill set to changing it, and for many organisations, getting over that hurdle is one of the most difficult tasks they will ever undertake.

Some of the other themes explored during the day included:

  • The importance of appointing an independent change leader
  • The danger of change fatigue
  • Even the best plans can go wrong
  • Change won’t work unless leaders embrace it
  • Leadership as a process of social influence, which maximises the efforts of others.
  • The importance of a compelling ‘change story’
  • The importance of engaging the emotional component of change
  • You can’t ‘do change’ to people. They have to buy into it emotionally

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