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The Business Case For Pay Parity Is Clear – Forbes

Clare Elliott, 18th January 2018

Hardly a day seems to go by without a new revelation about the gender pay gap hitting the headlines. In his latest Forbes column, The Business Case For Pay Parity Is Clear, Roger Trapp talks to Wilton & Bain partner, Erin Callaghan, about initiatives that businesses can and should embrace to help women as well as ways that women can help themselves.

As Erin points out, there are really two issues here: a “gender pay gap” and “equal pay“. The first impacts sectors such as oil and gas, engineering and IT because historically they have been a poor at attracting women. The second ought to be easier to tackle, but as Erin points out, women often accept less pay than they were initially seeking in order not to rock the boat and lack the confidence to demand what they are really worth.

I still believe in fake it until you make it”, she says. “If you are not taking risks you’re not going to get those roles. Sometimes you have to fake confidence.”

Read the full Forbes article here.

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