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Clare Elliott, 21st November 2017

Don’t implement AI technologies just to keep up with the Googles of the world

Considerations for any growing business looking to improving the way things are done through AI technologies and automation.

Everyone is talking about the “AI revolution”. From machine learning and cognitive computing to smart robots and drones, AI technologies will be “at the centre of most disruptions over the next ten years”, according to Gartner.

Businesses with AI technologies will be able to “harness data in order to adapt to new situations and solve problems that no one has encountered previously,” says Gartner. And those that successfully apply it, Accenture adds, could boost profitability by 38 per cent by 2035.

Companies are thus rushing to get involved – often without any over-arching plan – and large enterprises such as Google are investing billions in AI-related R&D or acquisitions. Some industries are further into adopting AI successfully: telcos such as Vodafone, for example, use “intelligent assistants” to improve service levels.

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