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The Latest News from WBMS – November

Clare Elliott, 2nd December 2015

Welcome to our update for November

This month James Humphreys our Customer and Growth specialist discusses the importance of communicating change both internally and externally within an organisation. We provide insight into this month’s focus group ‘The Network Effect’ chaired by David Heron and also include topical pieces from Chloe Watts, our HR Partner on HR trends and an article which looks at the unsustainability of Black Friday.

Christmas ball

On behalf of The Wilton & Bain Group, the team and I, we would like to thank you once again for all of your support in 2015 and wish you and your family a very merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016.


for news jamesCommunicating Change

By James Humphreys

We continue to see activity in the area of post-merger integration (PMI) and some of the discussions we’ve had have highlighted the importance of communications, both internal and external, during the integration programme. Internally, management needs effective communication as a vital part of bringing people together under the new, single brand. Externally, the market, customers and other stakeholders need continued reassurance on the reasons for the merger and the benefits to come. Reputations need to be upheld, momentum must be sustained and, ultimately, product must still be sold.


Chloe Watts topFresh reflections

By Chloe Watts, WBMS HR Partner

The last time I wrote about my observations on the interim industry, I pointed to a long-term change in the demographic of the candidate network;  a growing appreciation for flexibility and agility; and a rise in what I termed ‘contract agnosticism’, ie by placing the focus firmly on client deliverables over appropriate time periods the distinction between interim and permanent engagements is blurred.

How Talented is your Branding?

The Network EffectThe Network Effect

By Andrew Monro

“When WBMS launched, a few years ago, we talked about the concept of small groups of high impact independents focused on business issues, providing an alternative to traditional consultants’ services. At the time, the concept was largely aspirational. Now, it’s not only real, but growing. We’re speaking with major firms who are seeking an alternative to traditional consultancy services.”

In one of his last books, Managing in the Next Society (2002), Peter Drucker spoke about the concept of “intellectual capital on demand”. Today, that is becoming reality.


Black Friday 2015: A third of British and American retailers say the sales bonanza is unprofitable

Britain’s biggest online shopping fixture Black Friday is dividing the retail industry, with a third of major retailers saying it is unprofitable while the same number believe it provides a major fillip, research by LCP Consulting shows.

The business consultancy firm’s annual Omnichannel report released today found that retailers with an established presence both in bricks and mortar and online – via a website and mobile apps – were best placed to capitalise from Black Friday sales and react to peak trading on the day.
In contrast, those retailers without the infrastructure to deliver on the day are at risk of alienating customers and hurting long-term sales, the report said.

Of the 100 British and American retail executives interviewed by LCP as part of the report, 28 per cent agreed that Black Friday “is an unprofitable and unsustainable promotion”.

However a further third said that Black Friday is positive for their businesses, indicating a huge divide in opinion around the economic benefits of the shopping day, which only fully took off in the UK last year. See the related paper from our WBMS focus group Optimising for an Omni Channel World’ .

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